Band of the month - La Armada


My relationship with La Armada goes back to 2003 when Paul from the band brought Belvedere to the Dominican Republic. We've been brothers ever since. I've watched this band go from kids with terrible driving habits to the hardcore powerhouse they are today. To say this band is good live is a terrible understatement. They're one of the best I've seen.... ever. A furious combination of latin grooves, political hardcore punk and thrash. I can drop every cliche in the book but you truly need to see this band live to know what i'm talking about. Go to the events page and find a date near you. They're with Satanic Surfers / Belvedere in Ontario and Quebec in April. They're also in Europe for a month. Ladies and Gentlemen, from the Dominican Republic via Chicago, IL. our band of the month....LA ARMADA!!!